Tutorials for Using WordPress

dashboard tour

A brief video detailing your website dashboard and where to find certain options/components to your website.

Aksing for Help

You are always welcome to reach out to me for help with the site (haley@cpboperationalconstulting.com), but I do charge at an hourly rate for things that aren’t fast. You have access to free WordPress support via chat, and they are very helpful. Here is where you go to access chat because it can be hard to find.

Adding a Page

A brief reminder for adding pages and setting the parent pages.

Adjusting the menu

A brief reminder for how to add or remove menu items as well as how to adjust the sub-menus.


Need more training videos?

If there are more training videos you would like to request, feel free to email me. Haley@cpboperationalconsulting.com.